Saturday, December 09, 2006

Random thoughts....

1. Don't wear a silky scarf/shawl with a leather coat whilst carrying a couple of carrier bags, a handbag and an umbrella. It will slide about, trail on the floor fall off altogether and you will:

a) fall over

b) strangle yourself

c) assault fellow shoppers with said bags, umbrella, etc whilst trying to retrieve it

d) look stupid

You will NOT look serene, elegant or even sane.

2. Does anyone else find it puzzling that you find a newspaper/magazine article about the national problem with obesity in children but a few pages on there is another piece about the bad example being set by too thin models, actresses, etc. to said children. You will also frequently find pictures of various models, actresses, etc., who to me look fairly normal, showing their (whisper this please) cellulite and comments about them getting 'fat'.

3. Why do security lights on houses that you are NOT visiting come on when you pass by on the other side of the road but those on houses that you ARE visiting don't work unless you jump up and down waving your arms about, all in order to see the step/doorbell.

4. Why can't all parking ticket machines give change? Some do but others don't and seem to be proud to tell you so. Of course, I know the reason for it; just another little ploy for councils to get your money but then tell you they're so poor they can't keep the streets properly clean.

5. I've noticed recently an ever-increasing concern about my whereabouts. I'll be browsing the shelves/rails of a shop and suddenly a voice will say in my ear 'You alright there?' Even the girl shampooing my hair asks me, although I can't think where else I could be in that situation. Perhaps next time I'll answer 'Well, no, actually, - I'd much rather be on a sun-kissed beach in Bermuda'.

6. We seem to be inundated with endless '100 Best whatever' TV programmes recently. I', waiting for the '100 Best Weather Forecasts'. Riveting stuff!!


Liz said...

What is the little chocoloate bunny saying? I can't read it.

I'm loking forward to The 100 Most Boring Top 100s.

In the main car park in town one of the two machines on ground level isn't working. The week before Christmas! I ask you. I had to walk to the other end of the car park to pay - and after walking round town all morning I wasn't happy!

Chris said...

Yes, the writing IS a bit small, isn't it? The one on the left is saying 'My butt hurts' and the other one answers 'What??'. Well, it struck me as funny at the time!

chux said...

hmm those 100 best programs should be destroyed by the Deathstar or something (read my blog to see what i mean)

I hear what you are saying about ticket machines, its very annoying. I get fed up in woking when they charge 1.50 but all i have is 2 pound coins which it eats up and doesnt even say thank you.