Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

As the gardener, by severe pruning, forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs, so should you stop off your miscellaneous activity and concentrate your force on one or a few points - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I made a quick trip to Woking last week and thought that I'd take some pictures to sh
ow you. However, Woking is a pretty boring town, most of the old buildings demolished to make way for modern shopping malls, similar to those seen in their thousands all over the country. So for now I thought I'd show you these and try to find some other stuff when I have more time:

These sculptures represent The War of the Worlds, the novel by HG Wells which is set in local surroundings, Horsell Common being where the Martians landed. Interestingly, the story begins with the narrator visiting an observatory in Ottershaw, home to the Ottershaw Players!

Then we have this building, an office block which replaced the Regal (?) cinema. The name always strikes me as very glamorous and perhaps a bit out of place.

Finally, we have this structure, still being built, spanning the road by the railway station.

I think it's a solar panel device but I'm not sure. It is fairly attractive in its own way, all shiny and sparkly.

Poor little wounded soldier. I did offer to give him a plaster or an eyepatch but he was not amused!


I read recently that a restaurant has opened in Pisa, in the local high security jail, Fortezza Medicea.

Most of the staff are murderers and the head chef, 17 years into his sentence, said that when he entered the prison he couldn't cook but now he produces 5 course meals and "I get no complaints". It is very popular and people have to book well in advance to dine under the gaze of guards behind the 20m high walls with watchtowers, searchlights and security cameras. But they are serenaded by Bruno, a pianist doing life for murder.


Another piece was the story about councillors in Atlanta who want to be the first major city to tackle 'offensive dressing' by banning low slung, oversize, underwear revealing trousers.

At a recent meeting the audience was divided between young and old in scenes described as 'nothing like it since rock and roll'. A 76 year old member of the audience volunteered to start a 'belt brigade' to patrol the streets looking for inappropriate trouser heights.


Just to finish - some pictures from my garden this week:

A place to sit

Fairy corner

Papyrus in the pond


Heron looking for his lunch



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Chris. What an interesting post and how much I learn from blogs! I had no idea that the War of the Worlds was set around Woking. Poor little kitty - you were sweet to offer him a plaster! Love the Pisa story and also your garden pics, especially your "fairy corner".

meeyauw said...

Hi there! Quite the eclectic post and I loved it. The War of the Worlds things are great; I have the Wells book (have read it too), both movies, and the radio show. Poor kitty! I hope he's OK. I'll never go to eat at that restaurant; and your garden was a welcome sight after all of that. Nicely whimsical and relaxing.

Chris said...

Glad you both found it interesting. Sometimes I write things or post pictures thinking, 'How dull. Who on earth wants to look at this?' But, hey, I like them and so do a few others sometimes.

The cat, you'll be pleased to hear, has now recovered. He's still playing on my sympathy, however, miaowing pitifully in the hope that I'll feed him something nice.

Liz said...

That solar panel thingy is quite attractive I think too.

I thought you meant the restaurant was for the inmates at first! I hope it's more pleasant to eat in than our local prison.

P.S. My comment has been rejected 3 times by Blogger for an incorrect password: I've just noticed it's my username that has a , instead of a . that is wrong, not my password! Stupid blogger.