Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ABC Wednesday - B for Brookwood

Very late this one; very, very busy day.

I love cemeteries and the older the better. Not too many miles from where I live is Brookwood Cemetery and I wrote this about it for the Saturday Photo Hunt in September of last year:

This is a picture I took on a visit to Brookwood Cemetery last weekend. The cemetery was opened in Victorian times specifically for the purpose of burying London's dead, due to lack of space in the capital's graveyards. Trains ran from Waterloo Station directly into the cemetery and this length of railway track is taken from the original line. The cemetery is a wonderful, peaceful place with lots of grand examples of Victorian 'over-the-top' splendour. Now it is a multi-cultural burial site, serving many different religions and races. The American Military section was used for the final scene in the 1976 film The Omen. There is also a section which contains a monastery, home to the Saint Edward Brotherhood. This was established in 1982 to prepare and care for the church in which the sacred relics of Saint Edward the Martyr, King of England, are enshrined. A small community of monks hold daily services, joined on Sundays and weekdays by a number of Orthodox believers residing in the area.

And here are some pictures:

Sorry it's a bit of a cheat. Just didn't have time to be creative!!


DarylE said...

Its clever and not IMO a cheat at all .. its a photo of a B place! And interesting facts included at no extra charge!

Dragonstar said...

I didn't know of this cemetery, so I'm very glad you posted this. Thank you for all the information.

dot said...

Interesting post!

edmundnesbitt said...

How interesting!
I have learned lots today, but now I need to go to bed.
As an exlorer I need my sleep!

Andrea said...

I love to walk through cemeteries and see the names and dates. Interesting post.

Lilli & Nevada said...

very interesting photos. I like the last ones of the head stones.

Petunia said...

I find cemetery very beautiful. Old trees and it is so peaceful. I really like your post.

Ida said...

Interesting! :)
I love the second photo. Great shot!

VP said...

Interesting - we have a similarly styled place near us in Bristol at Arnos Vale

Katney said...

There was such artistry to the tombstones in the old cemeteries.

Miss_Yves said...

I also love cemeteries, because they are so peaceful...
On my blog "potograff",if you click on "permanent link"/
cimetières(military or not )
or/ cimetières parisiens ",
you'll see some famous tombs
( Baudelaire, Sartre, ...)with comments
Miss Yves