Friday, October 07, 2005

It was only supposed to take 5 minutes

Well it's taken me about4 weeks! Now here I am with a blog which probably no-one in their right mind will want to read unless they want to be bored to death.

Another morning spent at my computer when I could have been doing really fun things like housework, ironing, gardening, shopping in Sainsbury's.

Here's something interesting - for the past 4 weeks the recycling bin collection team have been catching the neighbourhood out by coming at about 8.00 am instead of 10.30, thereby forcing people out on to the streets in their night attire or trying to finish their breakfasts whilst putting out the bottles. I personally either gave it a miss or put the bins out the night before and hoped it didn't rain. However, this morning I decided it was a good opportunity to get up early, get dressed and start my day bright and early. Guess what - nearly midday and they still haven't been. You see, if I think that's intesting you can tell what a sad person I am.


jomoore said...

Speaking of recycling bins and newspaper stories (see "money, money, money") - I was reading the fabulous and informative Addlestone and Byfleet Review the other day, and there was an article in there about a woman who was complaining that she had 2 recycling bins.

She needed 2 dustbins because of her incredibly large family, and the council's policy is to issue 1 recycling bin with every dustbin. So they happily supplied another dustbin, but she also had to have another recycling bin. Fair enough, you'd think...? But she was up in arms about the fact that she had this extra bin. Like it was the worst thing in the world ever. She said "I've seen other houses with 2 dustbins and only 1 recycling bin". And this was front page news. And it took up nearly two pages!
Just wait 'til the Daily Mail gets wind of that scandal!

meljoy said...

well i think it's funny, but that's because that's the type of shit that would happen to me.

But hello, I'm mel, and you shall be another blog that I read. I think you guys are funny! English. Because you guys say things that you swear arent funny, but me as an American find absolutely halarious!

Like "burgled". I swear to anyone who cares, that if I ever heard someone in the states say this word with all seriousness, I would die laughing. I mean drop dead, effin halarious!