Friday, October 07, 2005

money, money, money

There's an article in today's paper about a couple who have won£12+ million on the lottery but have not given any to the woman's sister. They've given houses, money, etc to other members of the family but not to this sister (or her son), who apparently are living on benefits and don't think it's fair even though they haven't been speaking for a few years.

Well, so what. If I win the lottery there are all sorts of people that I won't be giving money to, including family members who I've lost touch with. Is it a condition of winning that you have to give some (or all) of it away to people you don't like?

Why does this national newspaper think this is 'news'? Why did I bother to read it and get upset about it?


PT said...

If you will keep reading the Daily Mail you're bound to get wound-up!

jomoore said...

A few years ago there was a story about a man that pretended he'd won the lottery. It was just a joke that went too far. But the best thing about it was that the mother of one of his friends built a porch thinking he'd pay for it out of his winnings. And when she found out there wasn't any money she went crazy about his 'betrayal'. She wasn't a relative and he hadn't even promised to pay for her porch or anything! A porch? I ask you!

meljoy said...

not sure what the daily mail is, but it sounds funny. If I won $12 million, I wouldn't give any money to certain members in my family either. namely, my parents, they can rot in hell poor and alone.