Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The ice age cometh

After a lazy 'getting up late' sort of start to the day, still trying to shake off this bloody awful cold (pass the AirBorne, MaryB), and thinking that the wet sounds of the cars taking the unlucky ones to work/school was caused by the usual rain, I actually exclaimed out loud when I pulled the curtains and saw the winterland in front of me. Even the building site which is the bungalow opposite us looked quite pretty with its covering of the white stuff.

Wish I'd got up earlier, though, 'cos it was thawing fast. I scrabbled about finding my camera, then finding new batteries. Why do they always run out when you want to do something spontaneous?

Anyway manged to get these and a couple more, which are on Flickr if you're interested.

It's now about 45 minutes since I took these and the garden is almost back to its usual weedy green.
Was doing a bit of 'blurfing' last night to see what I could find and found Colin Campbell, well worth a regular read, I think. Colin led me on to find this: Beau Bo D’Or » Blog Archive » GoldenBalls for Golden Globes . Another great site for your 'not watching rubbish on the telly' time.
Apparently an American company has come up with the idea of emails which self-destruct after being read once. It cannot be forwarded, copied or edited and the names of the sender and receiver vanish forever. You can join the cast of Mission Impossible for a mere £20 a year. I can see all sorts of shenanigans ahead.


jomoore said...

Thomas was up, washed and dressed in 5 minutes flat this morning. Then he had half an hour before school to build a snow throne in the garden. He told me it ended up looking like a 'toilet with arms', so I hope no-one got caught short before the thaw!

MaryB said...

Great pics, Chris. Wish it would do a bit of snowing here. I'm kind of disappointed with my new Yankee home - I should at least get a bit of snow to tromp through!

(Self-destructing emails? Hmm.)

Colin Campbell said...

Hello Chris

Thanks for the plug. Love the winter photographs. We don't get winter here in Adelaide. You have to get on a plane for that. Can't say that I miss the slush much. Our kids often ask to visit the snow, since they have never seen it before.

One day.

Clare said...

I have the amazing head cold too - I am wondering which of my Brownies to blame, and also hoping that I haven't given it to Phil, because my life won't be worth living if he's ill too. I hope you're feeling better :) xx

chux said...

my kids had a go at building a snowman that day! Carrot nose included!

chux said...

oh no - i can't believe you are still not blogging !!

i hope things are ok?!