Friday, October 05, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt - Curvy

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I particularly love the curves of the roof on this Chinese pagoda at Wisley Gardens.

And here is Thomas shooting his recurve bow.

I've used this one before in another category but I make no apologies for using it again 'cos I like it!

The lovely, curvy orbs stand in front of the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place in Kent.


Carver said...

Those are all good pictures for the curvy theme. I would use that last picture every chance I got because it was very neat. Have a great weekend.

jmb said...

Hi Chris,
This a great collection for this week's theme. I love the 'mum. In fact all of them are great.
Mine will be up later along with Welshcakes' too!

Andrée said...

What are the two top photos that you took? from the ocean, right? I love the last photo too, it's really interesting.

Chris said...

Hi Carver - you have a good weekend, too.
Two in one this week, eh, JMB? Will pop along now.
The flowers are actually chrysanthemums, Andree, and that's their true colour. The were in a bouquet that my son and daughter-in-law gave me for my anniversary.

Love to you all - Chris

Hootin'Anni said...

I especially like the pagoda!!!

Thanks for visiting my curvy Halloween photo!!

jams o donnell said...

Great choices. Perfect for this week's theme. Happy weekend

Joy said...

Lovely set of photos!

Michele said...

Gosh, every single photo is just perfect for the theme! Very nice.
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Jhoaniquing said...

oh that really awesome the little robinhood
happy weekend!

AniqueAnik said...

great curvy shots....stunning..loce the flowers too.
mine is up as well!

Chris said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting.

gwapasila said...

now this one curvy photos.

My Two Cents Worth and

The FOur Seasons Of My Life
hope you can visit me too.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hi Chris!

I've enjoyed the curves.

I appreciate your visits and comments on Nick's Bytes.

Anonymous said...

All 3 photos fit accordingly. Loved the pagoda,.. that was beautiful. Hows your sons aim with bow and arrow? Looks like a good sport to get kids involved in. Have a good weekend.

Sabine said...

These are all great photos! The orbs are my favourites :)
Thanks for visiting - and have a great Sunday!

Liz said...

I like the flower petals best but do love the orbs too!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Brilliant ideas on the theme.