Friday, January 20, 2006

All things come round to him who will but wait. (Longfellow)

Will I still be feeling this way at 4.55pm today? You see, I'm waiting in for an engineer to call from Dell Computers to fix the D drive. He can arrive any time between 9am and 5pm - this arrangement always puts me on edge because I believe that if I go to the loo or go outside to put the rubbish in the bin or even answer the phone he'll arrive at that precise moment, ring the bell, wait exactly 10 seconds then put a card through the door saying 'I called but you were out' and go (it has happened I can assure you).

This time it's worse because, dear reader, 2 days ago my patience was tried to its limit by Dell when I called them to arrange a visit from a computer vet who could cure my little electronic friend of its habit of swallowing discs and not giving them back. First off the friendly person who took my call (and guess what - I didn't have to go through hundreds of press 1 for this or 2 for that choices, only 2) said to me, in an accent I found difficult to interpret, "Yes, Mrs Moore, your warranty expired in August 2003 but how can we help you?". "No, no" said I, "I paid good money for a 'next day, home visit' extended warranty, it's not August yet." with which he eventually agreed. "Before I arrange a visit, I'd like you to just try some simple things. It'll only take 5 minutes or so."

OK - it's my own fault, I should have put a stop to it long before - but 1 HOUR LATER there I am crawling around on the floor (my computer isn't exactly easily accessible) having tried, failed, tried again and succeeded to remove the cover and jiggle around with the wiring. THEN to be nonchalantly told "Oh well, that didn't work, we'll send an engineer tomorrow." really was the last straw. I pointed out that when I was persuaded to take out my extended warranty one of the advantages that helped 'sell' it was the next day, home visit bit. However, Mr Jobsworth only responded that he was only following company policy, so there, and would I like to speak to his manager. He would arrange for someone to call me back as, currently, I was paying. Did I get the call? Is that a pink pig I see flying over?

Anyway, must go, I think I heard the doorbell.


PT said...

Is this a hint? Do you want me to come over and fix your PC?

Chris said...

No - it's alright - he's been now (fixed it in 5 minutes flat) -thank you for asking.
I didn't mention it before because I'd paid for the damned warranty, never used it, hardware was involved and, anyway, I know how you thespians lead such busy lives (being quarter thespian myself.