Friday, January 20, 2006

No man is esteemed for gay garments but by fools and women (Sir Walter Raleigh)

I don't know what started this train of thought but here goes:

  • Why is 'drag' called 'drag'?
  • If a woman dresses in a men's clothes is it still called 'drag'? If not what? ('pull' perhaps?)
  • Would she be a 'drag king'?
  • Are there drag shows with only women cross dressing?
  • Do people who get turned on by drag go to pantomimes just to get excited about the Dame? And if so shouldn't they be on some sort of sex offender list? (You can't get similarly excited about the Principal Boy as she/he ALWAYS looks like a woman.)
  • Is the landlord of our 'local' a closet drag queen? (He certainly looked like one on New Year's Eve when he was The Lady in Red)

Please send your answers (if you can be bothered) to these important questions via 'comments' below. (Please note: there are no prizes on offer)


PT said...

If there's no prizes, I ain't commenting!

PT said...


MaryB said...

Here's my best shot:
1. It's called "drag" because they're draggin' something extra 'tween the legs.
2. No. It's called a dyke show.
3. No. She's a dyke king.
4. Yes. We have a lesbian club here in Atlanta that does just that. (Not that I've ever been - though I would for fun - but I do hear tell.)
5. Pass. We don't have a big panto-thing in the US.
6. Of course. And I can say that without ever layin' eyes on the boy.

You do need to know that I just made all of that up, except for nos. 4 and 5.

PT, I bet Denzel or Barack would comment, whether they were gonna win a prize or not.

Chris said...

You may be making it up, MaryB, but I'm taking it as the gospel truth until I hear something better!

PT, here's one for your Balderdash & Piffle blog :
dragon:(n.) A cross-dresser ready to go out on the town