Friday, January 20, 2006

That's Life........

It's all MaryB's fault!!

There I was smug, self-satisfied, aren't I doing well sticking to my 'sensible' intake of food (I hate the word diet) THEN I read her blog Mid-January comfort food in which she tempts you to think of your favourite comfort foods. Well, that did it for me. Her list is bad enough (even those I've never tried sounded scrummy) but then I had to think of my own list which, of course, are readily available.

In the cold light of day it wasn't too much of a problem but then the cold, dark evening set in and that was me finished.....

Having a husband who can eat anything and still remain at approximately the same weight after 43 years and a 9 year-old grandson who is with me most days means that the fridge and cupboards have in them stuff which I should avoid; BUT unfortunately my willpower is a bit iffy at times and the other evening was one of those times. The cheese was first - just a small cube won't hurt (small turned into about 3 ounces and of course I had to have biscuits and butter with it). Then it was the biscuits - just one (oh yeahh!!). Oh, and a couple of glasses of red to go with it all. I did stop there because I was getting strange looks from my husband because of my frequent visits to the kitchen and then coming back with half-hidden food which I unsuccessfully tried to eat without him seeing (he's used to seeing the wine go down!)

Well, as Frank would have sung if these had been the words: You're riding high on Wednesday, shot down on Thursday, back on top, back on top on Friday.

I'll just have to stop being that girl who can't say 'no' but that's another blog!


MaryB said...

Uh. Oh. I'm sooo sorry, Chris! Mary is a very, very bad girl. I'll punish myself tomorrow.

But you'll hop right back on that diet come March or April. Something a spring makes you want to lose weight. But winter? Not so much.

Again, apologies for causing you to break your diet. :-(

PT said...

What you need is a nice game of golf to burn off some of those calories!