Saturday, February 11, 2006

Come 'flu with me

If you rest, you rust. - Helen Hayes (1900-1993)

I think I have 'flu. I think it's not the avian variety. But.........I HATE being unwell!! I HATE sitting around not physically able to do anything much but totally fed up. No appetite so I can't indulge in those foods I've just discovered are now OK to eat. Boring, boring, boring..... Yes I am, so now I'll shut up.

We (the family that is) were going greyhound racing tonight at Wimbledon Stadium; they still are; I'm staying home. OK, now I WILL shut up.


jomoore said...

Boo to flu! Feel better very soon. :)

MaryB said...

Get well soon, Chris! Eat more chocolate. Or mashed potatoes and gravy. Or just roll over and sleep through it.