Sunday, February 26, 2006

Up and rarin' to go

Well, if I can have a sit down every few minutes............

One of the things that has cheered me up a bit over the past couple of weeks is sorting through holiday photos taken over the past few years and I've now come up with this list of favourite places I've visited:

1. Turkey, which has a sub list of its own:
a) Ephesus
b) Cappadocia
c) Pumakale
d) Istanbul
2. Cuba
3. Montreal
4. Barcelona
5. Vancouver
6. Rome
7. Crete
8. Cyprus (particularly the North)
9. Corsica
10. The Gambia

Places I couldn't wait to come home from:

1. Malta
2. Tenerife
3. Alicante

Favourite places in Great Britain:

1. The Gower Peninsular
2. Bath
3. Chester
4. Wisley Gardens
5. Tunbridge Wells
6. Lake District
7. Peak District
8. Whitby
9. Hever Castle
10. Richmond Park

Next trip: long weekend in Avignon
Somewhere I've been wanting to go for years: Hampstead Heath


jomoore said...

What? No mention of Sorrento, and the leather-aproned waiters?? :)

Chris said...

Funnily enough, I don't have any photos of Sorrento and it had slipped my mind!!

Good holiday though, wasn't it?

Liz said...

I'm so glad you have Gower at the top!

Chris said...

Of course, Liz, I think it should be top of everyone's list. Have now got all excited thinking about and have a little baby idea in my mind to arrange a trip!!

chux said...
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chux said...

I thought Turkey was very interesting. The people were friendly although they do have this fixation with rugs!? Apple tea also stands out. Ephesus was wonderful and the tour guide was excellent. I recall the huge ampitheatre. Also the little advert carved into the stone on how to find the harlots den. i think there was a secret passage that went through the library or something? Pemukale was nice and muddy, and we had a 13 year old guy propositioning my wife which was very amusing(we were on our honeymoon too at the time)
Went to other places but Ephesus was by far my favourite.

btw. Bee Gees rock!!! :-)

MaryB said...

And I love the word "Cappadocia."

Good list, Chris.
Hmmmm. A holiday . . .