Thursday, March 02, 2006

Good news, bad news

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch - Gilda Radner 1946-1989)

Good news - thongs are out and boy pants are in. I'll reserve judgement until I've tried some.

Bad News - leggings are coming back. If you're thin your legs look like liquorice sticks, weigh anything over 100lbs and they look like badly stuffed black puddings

I've been doing some research of 1970's fashion - did we really wear those huge platform shoes and dreadful psychedelic printed dresses and shirts? Well, yes we did. Then came the '80s with big shoulders and 'power' dressing and big hair. Then came the '90s with....... what? I truly can't think of anything that belongs exclusively to that decade and the trend has continued into the '00s. Style seems to have disappeared and if you 'dress up' these days you are in the monority.

I'm off now to get changed into my jeans and t-shirt!!


jomoore said...

We were just talking about this yesterday at work...

80s fashion for me and my peers - legwarmers, ra-ra skirts and anything remotely related to Fame (the TV series).

As for the 90s, it was something and nothing. Think Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, or Sandra Bullock in Speed. Power dressing was still in, but the shoulder pads were smaller (blazers, rather than suits). Knitwear and pashminas. But mostly I think we just wanted to be comfortable!

Liz said...

What about men in Lycra? Nothing to do with any fashion trend, just what about them?

I can see the aerodynamic point, I suppose, when cycling but there comes a point when a man has to get off his bike and show the world his package. And really we don't want to see it, do we?

I am having a lot of trouble with word verification today and the one I have to do now looks incredibly complicated. Here goes.

Chris said...

I agree - men's bits encased in Lycra just don't do it for me, or anyone else I should think except, often, the man whose bits they are (that last bit probably isn't grammatically correct).

I like your second paragraph, talking about points and coming to them. Did you do it on purpose? or is it just that I've been involved in this really rude show for some weeks now and I seem to read innuendo into almost everything.

Word verification is sometimes a complete mystery to me and I have to make several attempts to get it right. Why can't they use readable letters?

Liz said...

Not guilty - as if! Carry on, Victoria.