Sunday, March 05, 2006

Break a leg!!!

My only regret in the theatre is that I could never sit out front and watch me. - John Barrymore

Well, I did it. I can now delete one item from my list of things that I just can't do. Yes - my theatrical debut: (I'm the one on the left with the crown, btw)

The makeup must have been good because Pete says I looked so much like Queen Victoria that he's now got some sort of psychological issue. (Hang on, I wasn't wearing spepcial makeup so I must really look that old!!).

The show was good, the audience appreciative (filthy lot!) and we've got to do it all again next weekend. Great fun!!!!!"!!

Lots more photos on my flickr link if you have the time or inclination.


MaryB said...

I'm totally impressed, Chris! And you got to wear a crown! Color me jealous. Hope you chewed the scenery and spit it out again. Maggie and Judi will be so proud to know there's an actress that can take up some of their slack after they've passed on.

Liz said...

Okay, I give up. How do you get to see the photos on the Flickr link?

Chris said...

You click on one of the photos in the flickr thingy under the 'Links' on the left of the page and it should open that photo in a new window. Somewhere on the right of the photo is a link that says 'Farrago 2006', click on that and you should see just the photos of the show and not all the other 500 or so that I have there.
(Hope you can fathom this out-sounds very confusing to me!)

PT said...

Liz - alternatively, click here: