Monday, March 06, 2006

Odds and book ends

jomoore was talking on her blog the other day about her love of stationery and stationery shops. This, I think, may be in our genes as I also could spend hours amongst the pens, papers, envelopes and oooh.... the plastic folders and lever arch files.

I also feel the same way about bookshops, where I browse through not only books but bookmarks, bookplates, cards, calendars and all of those other wonderful odds and ends that can be found in this wonderland. So.... here is my latest purchase:

Her left hand is holding a wine bottle, in case you're wondering.

To make me truly happy I would like our bookshops here to emulate those seen on American TV programmes and have a coffee shop on the premises. What bliss!!!


Liz said...

Don't you have a Borders near you? They have a coffee shop on the premises.

I love Borders for the variety of books (and music) they have there. Whatever you're looking for, it's likely that Borders will have something about it. However, I dislike (I can't say hate as it's impossible to hate a space filled with books)the sheer choice! Does that sound contrary? But it's just too much, overwhelming.

But it does have a lovely stationery/card section. Cards are my weakness. I buy them with the intention of sending them to someone - but somehow they just stay in my possession.

PT said...

Waterstones in Kingston has a coffee shop!

Chris said...

Ok, ok so a few have. But I want one up the road in Chertsey or Ottershaw or Addlestone.

There is a Borders in Staines, which is fairly near, but they only have one or two chairs (always occupied) and no coffee.

Liz said...

Waterstones in Swansea has a tea shop! It is the best. Real tea with a pot and proper milk and a timer. And yummy cakes.

Chris said...

But do they let you browse through their books whilst you are indulging?

Sorry about the not losing weight, Liz, I know from bitter experience how disappointing and non-encouraging it is. But next week I expect you will have lost an extra pound to make up for it.

Tanie said...

Have you thought about opening one up? There's obviously a need....

Is there one in Staines?

My only problem with browsing in bookshopes in general ins that I get mighty upset that people read and break the spines of the books on the shelves. I simply HAVE to have a 'virgin' book.

MaryB said...

There you are envying our mega-bookstores and we envy your old fusty ones. Sigh. I do prefer Borders over Barnes and Noble, but am nostalgic for a great Atlanta independent book shop, Oxford Books. Way back in the 1970s, it added "The Cup & Chaucer" where one could have coffee, tea, and a variety of pastries. (Obviously well ahead of its time on that.) Then the big, big guys came to town and dear Oxford closed in the late 90s. Ah, well.

Love the bookmark, Chris - what a hoot! (Or should I say, Moo!)