Monday, July 24, 2006

Bathroom Blues

OK - so I didn't catalogue my library yesterday; I was FORCED to go and play Top Golf instead! But I'm going to do it today, as soon as I'm over my bad mood.

"But why are you in a bad mood? it's not like you", I hear you say. Well.....................................

I've been cleaning the bathroom, not just a quick wipe round with a spray and a J Cloth but a 'proper' clean; you know, arm down the lavatory bowl up to the elbow as if you're training to be a vet to scrub the little crevices with a toothbrush, down on hands and knees to scrub all of the little crevices in the shower door with a toothbrush as if you're new recruit doing jankers. (I would like to point out here that the toothbrush I use is NOT the one with which I clean my teeth).

Hey ho, so nothing changes and now it's out of the way I can get down to doing good things, like sorting my books, posting to my blog, having strawberries from the farm for my lunch and generally doing just whatever I feel like doing. Suddenly the cloud has lifted and I feel much better so I won't think about the ironing (too hot), gardening (too hot), shopping for food (too hot, so I'll dive into the freezer instead).

Thank you for listening. Perhaps I should get one of these:


Clare said...

hello Chris!
I do like reading all the blogs (yours, Peter's, and once, by accident Jo's, as I thought it was yours), it keeps me entertained at work.
I was wondering if you are wardrobing for Wind up the Doodahs, and if you would like an assistant? I want to get involved in it, but Matthew doesn't respond to emails...
Anyway, see you soon. Teechers is shaping up nicely (I think, you'll have to ask P for his opinions)!xx
PS: my word today is cpdphd, which sounds like a supressed sneeze. Or a voweless cupboard.

Chris said...

Hi Clare - yes, I'll be costuming (and other things) for Gone with the Wind through the Wind-ups and any/all help will be muchly appreciated. Matthew, I think, only has email at work and, as he's travelling quite often, isn't very responsive; once he's got his rehearsal schedule set up perhaps you could come along one evening.
I'm sure Teechers will be great and I'm looking forward to seeing it in October.
My word is aszqqqge, which is an unsupressed sneeze.