Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't bank on it!!!

I’m astounded…shocked…flabbergasted…gobsmacked….

Today we received a rather large cheque in the post (somewhere between questions 9 & 10 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire), the proceeds of a savings bond. Along I go the our bank, fill in the paying-in slip hand it to the cashier who looks at it, looks at me and says:

‘You do want to pay this into this account?’
‘You do have plans or a specific purpose for it, then?’
‘So you don’t want to put it into a savings account?’
‘No. If I did I would have done so. Please would you just put it into the account.’

Pause as she turns it over a few times.

‘Can I ask you what it’s for?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well, where did it come from?’
‘I’m not going to answer that. Why do you want to know?’
‘It’s something we have to ask.’
‘Well, I’m not going to tell you.’

End of conversation, counterfoil gets stamped, something (??) is written on the back of the cheque and home I come.

Now let me make this clear. This was a business cheque from a top financial organisation made payable to me and my husband being paid into our joint account. It wasn’t used fivers in a scruffy envelope that I wanted swapped for tenners.

The trouble is I was so surprised that it wasn’t ‘til I got home that the full audacity of this conversation hit me. If it is bank policy to cross examine their customers in this manner then it’s outrageous. If it was just the cashier being officious then she should be disciplined.

Don’t know what to do now – feels like it’s too late to make a protest; so I’ll probably do nothing.

However I’m expecting to have to do another similar transaction soon. I’ll go to the same branch, hopefully get the same cashier and see what happens!


chux said...

we've been here before I think! Reminds me a little of the discussion about Doctors receptionists.

Liz said...

Do you have a particularly suspect-looking face, Chris?

Or is it your jewellery? The 'interesting' jewellery? Hmmm. Where did that come from I wonder?

PT said...

I believe that banks are legally obliged to question large transactions due to anti-money laundering legislation. Not a Tony Blair thing. This sort of law has been around for ages.

They probably are obliged to report the transaction to HM C&E or the Revenue, or someone, just so they can ensure you are not on their list of smugglers/mafiosi/drug dealers, etc.

Next time you go into the bank, try not to wear dark glasses or carry a machine-gun in a violin case. That would look too suspicious!

Chris said...

Yeah I know, Pete, and I have no problem with them checking up on me. But puleasse.... there must be a more professional way than some young bank clerk muttering 'where d'ya get it from?' over the counter. Suppose next time I'd better leave the diamond tiara and fake Rolex at home.

Bye bye, common sense.

PS: EVERYTHING is Tony Blair's fault so don't try to excuse him.

PPS: I'm going out for my anniversary dinner now. Poop poop.

jomoore said...

Are you taking Dad with you?

MaryB said...

And no white powder under your nose, or anything, right?

Then just march your completely innocent self into that bank and relay your experience to someone in charge!
Calmly, in a "just thought you should know that I'll have another deposit sometime soon but would hate to pull my account here and trot to your competitor" voice, smile sweetly, and flounce out. Expect respect, and let 'em know.

Banks. Aaargh!

Delmonti said...

I look for ward to the day when I'm questioned about putting large sums of money INTO the bank.....

they just look at me, then tut.