Thursday, June 21, 2007

A day in the life of................

The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest - Thomas Moore (no, not my grandson aged 11 but the chap who lived from 1779-1852)

See, one of the reasons I'm not prolific with my blogging is that it isn't often I come across things to write about which will interest and amuse anyone who might want to read my offerings without being bored to death. So I've set myself a challenge to describe my day in an interesting and amusing manner and any of you that die............ well, it comes to us all eventually.

Didn't make it into the garden today because having discovered during my morning ablutions that we were down to the last roll of loo paper and then the cat had to make do with dried food (meoughw), thought I'd better charge up my ipod shuffle (imperative for me to listen to Barry Manilow whilst grocery shopping) and make my way to Woking, where I could buy some cheap t-shirts in Primark and then head on over to Morrisons, a supermarket that I want to try out as various people have told me that their prices are very reasonable.

Woking isn't a great metropolis. It isn't as good as Kingston or Guildford but much, much better than Chertsey and the other small, local towns. I managed to make my way through the bustling shoppers without getting my bum pinched like MaryB and, to my delight, discovered that a Farmer's Market was being held in the town square. Bought plants, a pie, a couple of goat's cheeses and would have bought a delicious looking strawberry tart if the guy serving could have found a gap in his phone conversation about going to the pub tonight to serve me.

Dived into New Look as they had 20% off of everything. I'm getting used to the strange looks I get from the 16-year-olds who work in there at this overweight old lady rummaging through the rails. Perhaps they think I'm shopping for my granddaughter.

I like to treat going to the check-out in Primark as a sort of game. The idea is to look at the price tickets on whatever you've bought and then try to guess how much you'll be charged (it's always less). For example, today I bought 2 t-shirts priced at £4 each, the girl scanned them and said '£5 please'. Happens nearly every time.

Uneventful (except stopping off to buy 8 Millies Cookies for later) return to the car park and then on to the supermarket where I did super-big shop for food, groceries and a few other essentials (and some non-essentials). Pleasantly surprised when the bill came to only (??) £160 as I truly was expecting much more. (I never, ever thought I'd find myself saying only £160 when shopping for food!)

A Few Random Thoughts on Supermarket Shopping - why do people have to stop at the end of aisles to check their shopping lists/talk to their friends, etc. so that there's no room to pass?
are they the same people who have to stand smack bang in the centre of the aisle, usually bending down, while they spend ages trying to decide which brand of baked beans or whatever they are going to buy?
in the car park do drivers think that they are still protected by their vehicle as they make their way to/from their cars on foot or do they have a death wish?
why do some people start to queue at the check-out before they've actually finished their shopping, leaving their trolley to save their place while they nip around for stuff they've forgotten?

Anyway, back home, fill up the fridge and the cupboards, feed the cat on stuff he actually likes (why don't they make mouse flavoured cat food?) and pick up Thomas from school. I'm reminded of something he said the other day: "Is the word for someone who doesn't believe in God an 'orthodontist'?"

Quick check of emails, note that I've got one 'comment' and a few requests for stuff that I've put on the Freecycle website and then a quick look at my favourite blogs. Liked a piece on Colin Campbell's blog about condoms fitted with vibrating rings being sold in India and the Indians getting shirty because they have been described as 'sex toys'. Colin reckons that soon they'll be fitted with 'romantic ring tones'! How about Everything's Coming up Roses?

Whilst loading the dishwasher I managed to spill some cooking oil on the floor without noticing and then stood in it. Luckily I managed not to break my neck and mopped it up. I must say that it left quite a shine on the laminate but remained quite slippery. I did toy with the idea of leaving it as it was and then luring David into doing a Torvill & Dean routine with Bolero being played on a vibrating condom but then thought better of it!!

That's about it really. Can't make dozing off in front of the telly sound very interesting or amusing and now my day is nearly over. So night, night everyone. Hope you're not too bored (or dead).

PS The cat's got his revenge - half a chewed fish and a mouse on the back doorstep


jomoore said...

You missed out the fascinating interlude where your daughter dropped in, we drank tea and looked at the shed!

Delmonti said...

there's too many things I have to agree on there Chris.

Catfood: I too also wondered why you cant get Bluebottle or moth flavour, afterall, when was the last time you saw a domestic moggy huntng down a cow?

Millies Cookies.....hmmmmmm lovely!

Supermarket Shopping: try it at 3am like I do (when I cant sleep).

I like nothing better than falling alep infront of the telly, great stuff