Monday, June 25, 2007

No title required

When I came down to breakfast David said 'Haven't seen any sign of Mitch'.

Now this is very, very unusual because for a cat who likes to eat every hour, or so it seems, after a night without sustenance breakfast is the meal he can hardly wait for. When he hadn't appeared by 10.30 I went looking for him (in very heavy rain) and found him sitting under a tree at the bottom of the garden, appearing to not really be aware of his surroundings. I persuaded him to follow me back indoors where he wandered about a bit and then made for the sofa where he is now. It is very obvious to me that all is not well.

I've phoned the vet and have an appointment at 3.05 and I'm not looking forward to the outcome.

I haven't liked 2007 very much so far. I want to run way and hide ....again.

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