Friday, May 19, 2006

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Last night I took Thomas to see Starlight Express at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking. When it was first advertised I was a bit dubious about seeing it again, having already seen it a few times in London when it became one of my favourite shows. The tickets were quite expensive (about £30 for concessions) and the theatre in Woking does not lend itself to having bridges and ramps built for the skating races. I convinced myself that it couldn't possibly be as good as the original.

I had a last minute change of heart and am very happy to report that I'm absolutely delighted to have been proved wrong. It was a fantastic show. They overcame the problem of being unable to build ramps, etc around the theatre by having a 3D film of the races shown on a very large screen on the stage. Very, very well done and effective. Thomas was entranced and thought it 'cool' (high praise indeed from someone whose only interests sometimes seem to be war games and fantasy fighting!!); as good as, if not better than when he saw it in London a few years ago.

Highly recommended if it should come your way and you fancy a show about love, rivalry and the power of good over bad in the world of trains!


jomoore said...

My most favouritest Starlight Express lyric:

Aggregates are really great
Aggregates never complain
Bricks and mortar are thicker than water
It's great to be an aggregate train

That Stilgoe bloke - genius! Whatever happened to him?

Chris said...

I can't choose between these two:

Buffy at your service
Ever open wide
My microwave is cooking to warm you from inside
A lotta locomation will do the trick
Come and bite my burgers
I'm hot and cheap and quick


My name is Dinah, I'm the dining car
I'll cook for you and listen while
you lean upon my bar
I'll serve you with your dinner
While the train goes loop the loop
Gee, I'm sorry gentlemen -I hope
you wanted soup!

Wikipedia has a good bit about Richard Stilgoe.

MaryB said...

I know the reason you haven't posted lately because I saw your name all over Peter's Habeas Corpus credits -wardrobe, front of the house, chief cook and bottle washer, and so forth. You rock!

Chris said...

I´m now not posting because I´m on holiday!!! - in Madeira!! - great!!

Will catch upon everything when I get back.

jomoore said...

gissa blog! go on!