Monday, November 16, 2009


"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." ~ Eskimo Legend

Shortly after my Mother-in-Law died, a few years ago, her grandson, my Pete, started to do some research into the Moore family history.  M-in-L was actually David's (Pete's Dad) stepmother as his Mum (Ethel) was run over and killed by a police car during a black-out during the Second World War and buried in Surbiton Cemetery.  Tom (David's Dad, Pete's Grandad) remarried after the war (to M-in-L) and they had a baby boy (Desmond) who, sadly, died at only a few months old.  He was laid to rest in the same grave as Ethel.

We already knew all of this but had never visited the cemetery and after my brother-in-law (who still lived in he family home) died earlier this year Pete, together with his Lovely Young Wife, traced the site of the grave and found that it was just a bare patch of grass.  Because money was very tight in those days the grave was never marked in any way.

The family home was put up for sale after B-in-L's death and some of the more worthwhile contents were sold on ebay, raising a couple of hundred pounds.  Pete made the brilliant suggestion of putting the money towards a memorial stone and set about gaining permission from the rest of the family.  He also took on ownership of the grave as, legally, it still belonged to his Grandad, even though he'd been dead for getting on for 40 years!   All of this has taken a while but, finally, a couple of weeks ago we were informed that the stone was in place. 

Today, it being a bright, sunny and uplifting day, David, Jo, Thomas and I went to visit those family members, so long gone. Although we'd been before, somehow, having a solid form of acknowledgement that it was a resting place made all the difference.

So, Ethel and Baby Desmond, most of us didn't meet you and David only had his Mum until he was nearly 3 and his baby half-brother for 3 short months, but you have been in our thoughts over the years and are certainly not forgotten.

  Ethel, David and Johnnie (B-in-Law)

Surbiton Cemetery


PT said...

I thought the stone was Jo's idea! Anyway, it looks lovely in situ and looks like it was a nice day to go and visit.

Chris said...

Oh... perhaps it was. I don't remember but I know the idea came from someone lovely and, as you're both lovely, I got you muddled up :o)

jomoore said...

It's easy to get us confused, but PT's the taller one...

Hee, hee. ;o)

You're lovely too, and this is such a beautifully written post.