Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Bunny Dog

One Dog in a Boat

Sheep Dog (back view)

I'm afraid these photos aren't all that good - it was the end of the event, everyone was packing up and the damn dogs wouldn't keep still!! Nonetheless, they confirm the fact that some dog-owners (present company excepted) are BONKERS.


MaryB said...

Oooh. I hope those sweet doggies find a way to get back at their human Alpha dogs for this humiliation! Thanks for sharing the pics, Chris.

("nopoorag" - guess that's a comment on . . . what? These security words get stranger and stranger.)

Liz said...

And we think we're the smart species!

Chris said...

Nopoorag = toilet roll all gone

chux said...

and this is why I have not been to the Chertsey Show and never will!!

I was wondering what you were getting at when i saw the first picture of the ladies legs, then silly me I eventually noticed the dog. oops

jomoore said...

If it's good enough for Chesney Hawkes...

Shame we missed the donkey obstacle course, though.