Wednesday, August 09, 2006

yum, yum.....pigs' cheeks

Apparently, some once-common British dishes are disappearing from our menus. Here are some of them; see if you can figure out why this should be:

Bath Chaps (nothing to do with pool lifeguards or cowboys' trousers) - this West Country dish consists of pickled pigs' cheeks soaked in water, boiled and rolled in breadcrumbs to be eaten cold, like ham.

Bedfordshire Clanger - originally for farmworkers, made from a roll of suet pastry filled with cheap cuts of meat at one end and fruit at the other. Sounds similar to a Cornish Pasty which these days just consists of meat & potato but for the now almost extinct Cornish tin-miners would also have a sweet filling at one end.

Jugged Hare - made from a sauce featuring port and hare's blood.

Squirrel Casserole - speaks for itself, really.

Brawn - no not this sort! - but a jellied pigs' head.

Calf's foot jelly - chop the feet off of baby cows, boil them up to extract the natural gelatin and there you have it - a once polular food for invalids.

Up in Scotland there was Crappit heids - boiled haddock heads stuffed with oatmeal, suet & onions.

And for the Welsh Griwel blawd ceirch - oatmeal mixed with gruel.

After all of these delicious and nutritious savoury dishes you could delight your palate with:

Junket a dish of sweetened milk with rennet, served with sugar & cream.

Sussex Pond Pudding - (looks very scrummy), a whole lemon in golden buttery sugar syrup encased in a suet crust. Mmmmmm.........

Kentish Pudding Pie - sweet rice pudding with a pastry top

Dorset dumplings - apples served with suet.

I'm off now to make my jam sandwich.


MaryB said...

Uh, Chris. I think it's pretty obvious why these dishes are rapidly disappearing from menus. Same reason pickled pigs feet and chit'lins aren't on many menus over here. Yes, life is bland . . .

jomoore said...

I was in Madrid on business last week and, at lunch, one of my colleagues tried to translate one of the items on the menu. He thought a bit and frowned a bit and rubbed his tummy saying "it's this bit - bowels". I went for the spaghetti bolognese instead... (Turns out, by the way, that it was tripe. Spaghetti was the right choice!)

Chris said...

Well, there's only one word to describe that and it's: