Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Everything stops for tea.......and biscuits

I was going to have a lovely picture of ginger biccies her but Blogger won't let me!

Anyway, so about ginger biscuits, or even biscuits in general..... you know on the packets there's a row of little arrows and it says 'tear here'??? Well has ANYONE ever opened their biscuits successfully using this method or do you, like me, resort to attacking the package with a carving knife so that the poor little imprisoned biscuits can gain their freedom momentarily before they're gobbled up.

For various reasons totally beyond my control it took me rather a long time to produce my previous post today so, half way through this afternoon, I succumbed to the temptation of a cup of tea and some stem ginger biscuits. By the time the packaging was dealt with, the crumbs swept from the floor and a plaster put on my finger, the tea was cold and not entirely tempting! Serves me right for eating biscuits, I suppose.


jomoore said...

Now I want a biscuit!!

So I will get a cookie. Freshly made - no packaging. Yum!!

(Not freshly made by me, I hasten to add, lest anyone should think I'm some kind of domestic person or anything - oh no, that wouldn't do at all!)

Liz said...

I can open biscuits! That is one of the few modern conveniences I can handle (probably the incentive of eating said biccies).

And if I've translated the word correctly, I'll be qlpwvf!

chux said...

Biccies yum! My favourites are double choc cookies.
My mate and I did a very dodgy and totally fattening thing a while back. We bought come cookies and nice vanilla ice cream along with beer to watch a dvd. We decided to put the double choc cookies in with the Ice Cream and then we melted some plain chocolate that we found in the house over it all!! It was so naughty but just heavenly!!!!

No problems opening any packets there though. Careful of your fingers.

Chris said...

It must be me, then. Perhaps after my optical update (see next post)I'll be better able to see what I'm doing. Or am I just a dwztp??
Having said that, I've just bought a neat little Sony memory stick thingy that was packaged in plastic so tough that even the scissors had a problem with it. Packaging!!! There should be a law against it!

By the way, Chux, your description of the biccies/icecream/chocolate concoction was yummy. Very glad you didn't decide to pour the beer over it as a finishing touch.

Judy Stevens said...

Today was a world first for me - I actally opened a packet of biscuits by pulling the red tab, and the packet opened beautifully - so I had to have 2 extra chocolate chip digestives to celebrate. Mind you, they were Waitrose brand - nothing but the best!