Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Planet Sweet

MaryB has had a bad hair day, Liz has been feeling depressed, Jo is fed up, I'm still a bit in the Doldrums. What's it all about??

At the weekend an acquaintance told me that there is a general air of discontent around at the moment because Mars is nearer to Earth than it's been for some time. As I said, well, look on the bright side, everyone. Soon the Sun'll be in Saturn, Mars'll be in Uranus and, astrologically speaking, everyone will be laughing.

PS Apologies to Mrs Swabb (Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett)


MaryB said...

Yea! Thanks for explaining the whacked-out universe to me. I stocked up on chocolate yesterday after reading your blog. I'm ready for anything now! (And sorry about Uranus thing . . . )

Chris said...

I'm really, really sorry for leading you astray, Mary.

I think I should have called my piece 'Mars: the bringer of chocolate'.

And, do you think we ever grow up? Over the past couple of weeks it's been 'dictaphone' and 'Uranus', both connected with jokes that I must have heard when I was about 12 (that must be almost 30 years ago now!!)

MaryB said...

No, darlin' - anybody that gives me a rationalization for consuming more chocolate is A-One in my book! And don't worry about leading me astray. I'm so far astray, that the only place you could lead me is back to the fold. ;-)

Yeah - I never get tired of the Uranus thing, mainly because I assume whoever named it did it for an absolute world-wide joke. And let's face it, with the current status of "adult humor," I'll opt for the 12-year-old kind any day!

jomoore said...

I hereby nominate today as 'International Let's Snap Out Of It Day'.

I've checked the planetary positions (all 21 of them) and portents are positive. I'm not commenting on Uranus...

MaryB said...

Please choose the date, Jo, and I'm with you. Enough of this dreary summer doldrumy blahness! (But I am sticking with the chocolate aspect of it . . .)