Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And now........... the weather

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. - Mark Twain

I'm getting really bored with the weather now so I've decided that I shall ignore it - unless something really interesting happens in connection with it.

Like yesterday evening - David went off to play his weekly game of squash around about the time I was watering the pots. When he came back a couple of hours later (I was still watering the pots because it had rained and I had taken the opportunity to have a cup of tea and a read of the newspaper) he looked vaguely puzzled and asked if everything had been alright whilst he was gone. It was my turn to look puzzled and I wondered if I'd missed some excitement in the neighbourhood which had been important enough to report, perhaps a murder or three.

'No, no,' he said 'haven't you had any flooding?'
'Only when I disconnected the hose and it spurted out over my foot.' I replied.

Apparently, on his outward journey he had had to take major diversions because the roads, only about a mile away, were flooded and impassable and the rain and hailstones had made it almost impossible to drive. Obviously he couldn't miss his game of squash so the pioneer in him took over and he found his way through the storm but he expected to come home to mopping up operations and a distraught wife (not that I ever get distraught over things like that!)

That's it! No more weather talk....... perhaps.


One of the reasons it takes me so long to post things to this blog is because it takes me forever to dredge up from my head words that I know very well.

It took me a good three minutes sitting here just staring into space before the word 'pioneer' popped into my brain.

How sad.


Clare said...

My friend's parents live in Pocklington, Yorkshire. He phoned them to find out if it all was ok. They said Yes...Why?

The flooding situation had completely passed them by!

jomoore said...

I like that he waited until he got back to check that everything was alright... ;)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Your very own squash pioneer - I like that.

Chris said...

Yes, well, Jo & Welshcakes - it would take more than a drop of torrential rain for Dad/David to miss his squash!!!