Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've been tagged and I haven't even had an ASBO yet!

Yeah, it does sound like I got me some bad habits. - Have Gun , Will Travel (1957)

That young whippersnapper Pete has tagged me. How could he? Especially as most of the people I could tag he's already hi-jacked.

So, I'll do the list. But I'm going to rely on you, dear Reader, (that's if I've got any readers), to consider yourselves tagged and continue the game.

Here goes:

  1. Fact - I look and sound completely different to the person that I think I am. If I see/hear myself unexpectedly I'm always curious as to where that fat, old bag with the funny voice came from.
  2. Habit - I'm afraid I'm very rude to people on the phone. Not everyone, you understand, just cold calling sales people (although they insist that they're not selling anything), people in call centres WHO DON'T LISTEN (possibly because English is their second language and they understand me as little as I understand them) and people of that ilk.
  3. Fact - once, long ago, I missed the last bus after an evening out and had to walk several miles in the dark, on my own, tight skirt, stiletto heels (you get the picture?). I got home only to discover the house dark, silent and locked up tight. Good ol' Mum. I spent the remainder of the night in the back of the family car in the garage, which fortunately had not been locked.
  4. Habit - to compensate for no.2, I'm unfailingly polite to the general public in that I hold doors for people, give way to others when driving, give people my unexpired parking ticket and say 'sorry' when anyone barges into me.
  5. Fact - I once made a grand gesture by storming out of work in the middle of the day after a particularly trying morning. When I arrived next day, expecting apologies and a bit of sympathy, I found out that nobody had realised I'd gone.
  6. Habit - every time Thomas goes out of the door to ride his bike I tell him to be careful. He's fed up with it but I'm not going to stop.
  7. Fact - February 1958 and I was working in my first job as a telephonist at the Continental Telephone Exchange. One of the calls I connected, from Munich to London, just before the shift was coming to an end, was to report the tragic air crash in which 7 of the Manchester United football team were killed, probably making me one of the first people in the country to hear the news.
  8. Habit - I tend to think of my offspring as if they were still children instead of the sensible, grown-up, mature adults that they are. I don't think they know this, though. Or do they???


PT said...

Wow. I didn't know the Muich air crash thing. Nor the night spent in the garage. Even I've never done that!

No.8 - yes, we do realise!

jomoore said...


(Except I'd have spelt Munich correctly... hee, hee!)

Chris said...

Yes, PT, but you were never locked out, so you didn't have to. And anyway, since when have we ever been able to keep a car in the garage?

MaryB said...

I'd stand by my Mulch air-thing, Chris, if I were you. I knew what you meant. (As if pete and jo have never made a typo . . . )

Question: Were you tempted to make anything up, just to rattle them? :-)

Chris said...

I don't make things up to try to fool my children any more, Mary, 'cos if I do I get found out 100% of the time and then I feel as stupid as I look......... but I think you'll find that Pete's the only one who can't spell!

We used to wind them up when they were kids, though. Just ask Pete about ship to shore telephone.

PT said...

Sorry, I meant "M√ľnchen"!

Chris said...

No you didn't, cleverclogs! You just missed the 'n' out!