Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shop 'til you drop

George Costanza: She went shopping for some shoes for the wedding, and yada yada yada, I'll see her in six to eight months - Seinfeld (1990)

Today Thomas and I went to Staines to buy shoes for his holiday in Wales next week (although perhaps I should have set out to buy flippers!).

This what I came back with:

For me

For Thomas

For me

For Thomas

For me

For Thomas

For Thomas

For Thomas



PS. Once upon a time, in Staines, there were more shoe shops per shopper than you could shake a stick at. Now there is one. Clarkes. Very expensive.


chux said...

did you try TK Max? what about the mens clothes stores, they might do Thomas' size. And tehre's another clothes shop that sells ex next clothing, if i remember it was where next use to be in the shopping centre.

maybe this helps.....maybe not - otherwise go to Woking or Guildford I guess

Chris said...

Thanks, Chux. Yes TK Maxx was my first port of call. Found some nice shoes - only one pair in the wrong size.

Thing is, we wanted something that was easily put on and taken off, suitable for the beach. Also had to be something that he would actually wear. Think I'll pass the problem on to his mother!!

MaryB said...

Still, you both made out well, didn't you? Fie on shoes - highly over-rated (hillbilly that I am). You've got some good books and Ghostbusters - what more do you need? Even in Wales? Even in whales?

jmb said...

Hi Chris,
My eyes glommed onto the books in this post. Both are excellent, and did you read Robert Harris's book before this one, called Pompeii? Also excellent.
I love the blue casserole.

Chris said...

Hi Mary - yes, we did do well. The day I go shopping and come back with nothing...... such a day doesn't exist.

Glad you liked my choice of books, jmb. I read Pompeii (excellent book) just before a trip to Avignon, where we saw the very aqueduct mentioned in the story. Been meaning to get The Memory Keeper's Daughter for some time now, so when I saw a 'buy one, get one half price' offer at the bookshop I couldn't resist!

Liz said...

It's like that in Swansea! The main street used to be shoe shop after shoe shop; now you can't find a shoe shop for love nor money.

I am so longing to be a grandma and be able to spoil my grandchildren!

Scroblene said...

Like the trousers Chris!

Bit of calf never hurt anyone...oooooops they're his ...!

Teena said...

I really enjoyed the "Memory Keeper's Daughter". It was an interesting story.

Clare said...

What about those clog things they were selling in Woking a few weeks ago? They seem to be everywhere, and remind me of the jelly shoes of old... Apparently they are very light and comfortable!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, it looks like a fantastic shopping trip, even if you didn't get the shoes! I read "Imperium" recently and thought it was wonderful.

Chris said...

It's strange about the shoe shops isn't it, Liz? It isn't as if shoes are an endangered species. And yes, it's great, being a grandma.

Show a bit of calf eh, Scroblene? Egad, sire, methinks you're a bit racy!

Glad you've read and enjoyed my choice of books, Welshcakes & Teena. Going on holiday to Wales for a few days tomorrow so they'll be going with me.