Monday, July 09, 2007

Stormy weather

No, no. When a clumsy cloud from here meets a fluffy little cloud from there, he billows towards her. She scurries away and he scuds right up to her. She cries a little and there you have you showers. He comforts her. They spark. That's the lightning. They kiss. Thunder. - Top Hat (1935)

Have been in the garden today, carrying on with the restoration. It's beginning to feel a bit like The Lost Gardens of Heligan, that wonderful place in Cornwall which was hidden from the end of the 19th century until 1990. If ever you've got the opportunity to go, please don't miss it.

(pictures don't do it justice)
Anyway, I was eventually driven in by a storm which had been hanging around for a good part of the afternoon, unfortunately before I was able to take some pictures of what I'd bought this morning when I popped out for a bunch of bananas. So you'll just have to wait.
I've now got to water the pots (and next door's, 'cos they're on holiday). Seems a bit silly after all the rain we've had but once the sun comes out those plants turn into thirsty creatures.
Tomorrow I'm going to The RHS Gardens in Wisley with Pete's Lovely Young Wife (and my Lovely Young Daughter-in-Law) to see the new glasshouse. I actually saw it a couple of weeks ago on the day after the Queen officially opened it (I thought I'd let her have first go) but it's well worth another look and I think it will get better and better as time goes on.
Thomas is in his school production of The Sound of Music this week. Unfortunately the tickets are limited to two per family so Jo's going with the Lovely Young Daughter-in-Law. Perhaps he'll sing a selection of songs just for us when it's over. Or perhaps he won't.


marymaryquitecontrary said...

I did read the book, 'The Lost Gardens of Heligan' a long time ago. I will go someday!

Chris said...

Let me know when, Mary, and I'll come with you!!