Friday, July 06, 2007

Round and round the garden

The Blackbird: I love gardening. You know, they say that in the garden, it's the closest place to God, you know. And I wait for a nice warm day when I can go and pull a few things up, you know what I mean. - Creature Comforts 2003

Welcome to my garden. Please come in.....

Friends can use the back door
The cat will keep you company

Looking from the house

Look left

Look right

Take a break for a cup of tea

Let's hope it's this
and not

Thanks for visiting. Please come again.


MaryB said...

Lovely photos, Chris! Let me grab a cuppa and join you - (here's hoping for sunny skies).

Delmonti said...

Lovely Chris! someone's put a lot of hard work into that garden. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I once had a garden... and I loved it.

Lets hope we've seen tha last of this wet weather, at least for a few weeks.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

How beautiful.

Clare said...

Very beautiful xx

Liz said...

What a lovely garden. there must be some keen gardeners in your house.

Chris said...

Well,Liz, one of us is. The other one doesn't know a daffodil from a dandelion!

Tuscan Tony said...

Great blog, Chris, esp the pic of the swing-chair (or whatever they're called in England, I've forgotten!) Mrs Tuscan is in fact on the warpath for one right now.

I also saw the Haslemere Players thing - we used to go to Haslemere Hall for the cimena when we lived in Henley Common (5 miles to the south; I also saw the Wisley pic, Mrs T has a friend who works there and we're hoping to cadge a behind the scenes tour of the new glasshouse in September - it looked very impressive at Christmas as work in progress!

Chris said...

Thanks for visiting, Tony, hope you feel the urge to pop in again sometime.

Swing-chair is exactly what we usually call it, or sometimes the swing-thingy. It's a recent purchase , bought when the sun was shining. Just waiting now for the opportunity to sit on it.

You certainly must see the Glass house at Wisley, even without the backstage tour. Very impressive.