Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kitchen Talk

Marry, sir, 'tis an ill cook that cannt lick his own fingers. Therefore he that cannot lick his fingers goes not with me. - William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet



Please go to visit Welshcakes Limoncello and read all about her adventures with her new, lovely, red tomato squashing machine. In her reply to my comment about probably not being able to find such a wonderful appliance here in England, she recommended that I try Lakeland, a wonderful shop that started up years and years ago selling, as far as I can remember, just plastics (polythene bags, etc.). It was during the '60s/70s and freezing enormous quantities of meat and veg. was quite in vogue. From that inauspicious (but probably financially rewarding) start the company has grown and now has numerous shops all over the UK, as well as selling online and by mail order.
Well, would you believe it??!! Ten minutes after reading her suggestion what should drop through my letterbox but the latest edition of the Lakeland catalogue. Hoorah - a good excuse to forgo the hoovering and other such stimulating tasks and immerse myself in its pages. Welshcakes told me to.
Unfortunately no tomato squashing machine but all sorts of other goodies, mainly to do with barbecues and suchlike (in this weather????????), but a few other 'I want' items as well.
But if I bought all, or even some, of the 'I want' things I'd need another room to house them all in, not just a bigger kitchen. So are some of these things really necessary?:
Pizza Maker Oven - a free standing 15" Pizza maker
Pasta Maker Set - small and red and would go very well with the tomato squasher
Electric Ice Maker - makes ice cubes in just 90 minutes. So does my freezer
Cherry Super Stoner - good if you can afford to make your own jam with the price of cherries
Ice Cream Maker - I would like one of these but can foresee that I'd use it a couple of times and then it would be hanging around getting in the way
Smoothie Maker - these are great, but I've already got a blender attachment with my food mixer and I think they do the same thing? (I think Jo has got one of these so perhaps she can tell us)
So all of these (and there are others!) along with the breadmaker, the coffee pot, the kettle, the toaster and the microwave on your worktops leaves little room to work.
Other interesting little items in the catalogue were:
Easy Italian - cookbook that I'm going to buy
Plastic jug with a tube down the middle for ice cubes, so that melting ice doesn't dilute your Pimm's
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup - From the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Australia come these special wild hibiscus, which have a remakable effect when mixed with champagne.
Bone Suckin Sauce - the name says it all
Ice Cream Cone Cake Tin
Flexible Ice Cube Trays - these are brilliant & I'm going to buy another one
Roast Pineapple & Lime Leaf Dessert Relish
Cobb Barbecue Cooking System - which can be used indoors and sound intriguing
Best 'til last: An electric fryer that cooke chip using just one tablespoon of oil. I'd give that houseroom but it costs £150 so I'll have to wait.


jomoore said...

I don't have a smoothie maker, but I do have a blender and a juicer - the combination of which ought to make smoothies somehow, no? Anyway, both appliances are at the back of my hardest-to-get-at cupboard, along with the steamer, coffee maker, bread maker and mixer.
I could do with an ice cube maker, though, as that's about the only thing I miss, not having a freezer...

Chris said...

Well, there you are then - Lakeland do them and they're ONLY £199.99

My word today is 'flohzwwf' which is the noise an ice cube would make in a blender

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I love gadgetry;being impulsive, as I have already admitted,my kitchen cupboards are overflowing. Yes,there is a juicer,a breadmaker an icecream maker,an Expresso maker,a.........But a frier that can make healthy chips,what page is it on?

Clare said...

we have an "Ice Cream" ball at Guides, where you chuck all the cream, milk and flavour in one end, ice in the other and then have to throw it around for about 15 mins to make it make ice cream. It's a very good way to waste a meeting, the girls love it!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Chris. Thanks so much for the link. I just love Lakeland. I have one of those cherry stoners and use it for olives, too. You know, I bet they'd start stocking tomato squashing machines if you wrote to them! They take up all sorts of suggestions from their customers.

Chris said...

Thanks, Welshcakes, I think I'll drop them a line. I'll let you know what happens.