Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blue Wednesday

No. The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all - Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany's

I've got a touch of the blues this week. Nothing serious, like proper depression, but just this general feeling of lethargy and not wanting to do all the things I generally enjoy doing. Something triggered it on Monday evening and now I can't shake it off. A spot of sunshine would help!


Anyway, no time for all of that rubbish - onwards and upwards!!!


Start of the school holidays so I've got Thomas for company for the next few weeks. However, he's 11 now and has passed his cycling proficiency test, so is allowed some limited freedom to explore. Funnily enough, the grand-maternal instinct for letting him have his independence feels very different to what I remember the maternal instinct being and I watch him go off on his own with my heart in my mouth. I don't recall being that paranoid with my own two at that age. Scroblene mentions that listening to music that his daughter used to play is a bit emotive. I think there's a coupl'a years yet before Thomas is seriously into music and I don't think passing the Warhammer shop without stopping will bring a tear to my eye but I will miss his childhood.*************************************************************************************

The Moore family seem to have a bit of a jinx on them at the moment. Poor Jo has had nearly everything go wrong lately (and seems to affect our TV when she's sitting near it) and PT has been having problems with his car. And don't get me started on debit cards that don't work and call centres in India!! Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan............


Now on to nicer things. Sorry for the whining.


I acquired a new addition to my family the other day:

Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)

I was so pleased with this baby that I decided (like Madonna) to adopt a little black baby, returned to the nursery and came home with this beauty:
Zantedeschia 'Schwarzwalder'

Here's my crop of tomatoes:

Don't think I'm going to need Welshcakes' tomato crushing machine for these!

Another favourite is this:

Eucomis 'Octopus'

Garden recovery:

Up to here:

Still to do (some of it):

Pigeons' stomping ground:
[Was a nice display of busy lizzies!]

This is a bit of a latecomer; the others were out in May/June:


I started this post 3 hours ago; Blogger is being exceptionally bloody minded today.


Scroblene said...

Cheer up Chris!

That's a fantastic garden, and you should be proud of it - I love the pics you've made - especially of the tomatos, and ours have only just started!

Younger Daught was in the habit of coming home after working for her University money, and sometimes putting on a record (yes 33rpm), but very softly.

We also lost our first cat on the road one day, and she was heart broken, (as we all were), and she had to go to work that afternoon and evening.

Brave kid did all that was required, and even went out with her chums that evening.

When she got back, the first record she put on was 'Adagio for strings' by Barber.

Nuff said.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sorry you've been feeling low, Chris. But please don't fel guilty about it - you're entitled to the blues now and then! [Oh, god, that's a song, isn't it?!] Lovely pics - your tomatoes look tasty - and, well, I'll lend you my tom squasher when you need it! Thanks for cheering ME up by posting a little bit of Britain. Auguri.

jomoore said...

Ooh - super pictures! I have written all about my woes in great length, but of course, Blogger refuses to publish it - ha!

Still, your pictures cheered me up no end!

I think the nervousness about sending Thomas on his own merry way is all down to traffic. So many cars that we never had to contend with when we went off to explore the Ruins.

Liz said...

Oh, lovely bare soil!

We've had one tomato off our plants. Husband bought plants this year as he was too late to grow from seeds and the one we've had (and shared!) was pretty tasteless!

Jo affects your television? She must have a very electric personality!

And as for the quote at the beginning: well, she could be talking to me!

zzbonxc - they used to be a pop group, didn't they? (Pop group - that's showing my age!)

Chris said...

Thanks, everyone, feeling a bit better today.

Scroblene - yes, kids can make you feel so helpless sometimes, when it's almost unbearable to think of them hurting.

Welshcakes - many thanks for the offer of a loan of your tomato crusher. Don't think my harvest will warrant it but if I have to visit Sicily to collect, well.....

Jo - Blogger has relented and told us all your woes now. Chin up. As Tony Blair once said: 'things can only get better'. Oops. Supposed to be cheering you up!

Liz - my tomatoes were also bought as plants but they're small and sweet and very tasty. Those in the picture lasted about 2 seconds after being snapped.

Thanks for all of the complimentary comments on my garden. When it's finished I'll have a garden party and you can all come.