Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fashion victim? or Comfort dresser?

There's never a new fashion but it's old - Chaucer

Smock tops are 'in' at the moment. I can remember when the only time a person would be seen dead in a garment of this sort would be when she was pregnant. Actually showing your 'bump' in revealing clothes was distinctly frowned upon.

Anyway, being a dedicated follower of fashion, I bought a couple the other week, thinking that they'd at least be nice and cool for the summer (I'd have done better buying a pair of wellies and a raincoat).

Then there was a revelation - an unexpected reflection in a window showing me wearing what looked like a small tent convinced me that they would be promoted to gardening clothes; non-restictive and comfortable, oh yes, and cool.

Small, round women shouldn't wear smocks unless they're pregnant.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I remember when they were "in" before. I looked awful in them then and I would look awful in one now! I'm sure you don't, though.

Chris said...

Thank you, Welshcakes, that's very kind of you, but you couldn't be more wrong. When belly and boobs stick out at the same distance (and much further than they should), smocks are a no no.

Liz said...

I keep fancying some of those tops, which come in very pretty styles, but I know I would look pregnant, so am resisting.